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The stories of giving, receiving, celebrating special moments, and finding that perfect gift are what inspire me to keep creating every day. I’d like to share some of these stories with you.

"I first purchased my bracelet in Boulder, Colorado in 1998 – a different style. Since then I have purchased five of the current style bracelets – one for myself, one for each of my three daughters and one for my niece. I have had great service from Lucinda and we all get many compliments on our bracelets!!!" – Carol P.

"I never take my bracelet off. I recently had surgery and took off my necklaces and my earrings and was just getting ready to get stuck with the dozing drug when my sister realized I still had on my bracelet. That's how much a part of me it's become." – Carol K.

"My bracelet is tremendously meaningful to me. I bought one for me and each of my two best friends, Sheri and Monica, at a time when Sheri had just lost her mom to brain cancer, Monica had been diagnosed with a second brain tumor and I was going through an unpleasant divorce. We all wore our bracelets every day. I gave one to my daughter when she became a Bat Mitzvah and to Monica's daughter when Monica passed away. I have another waiting for my youngest daughter. I still wear my bracelet every day. It makes me feel like my dearest friends and our daughters are always together in spirit protecting each other. THANK YOU, Lucinda, for this beautiful piece." – Ellen R.

"I gave my sister a Protect This Woman bracelet for her graduation from college and decided to get one for my mom and myself as well.  I asked for a custom design to use only three gemstones – our birthstones, arranged in different patterns. My mom and sister were so touched by the gift and none of us have hardly taken it off since! I love how timeless the style is, seeing as my sister is 21 and my mom is 54." – Ashley B.

From the Artist 

Thank you to all of my customers for sharing these special stories with me. I am so touched by each one of them. The ability to have played a part in creating these special moments and bonds between women, families, friends and lovers is the greatest gift of all. Please keep sharing your inspiring stories within our Facebook community! 

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